August 29, 2015


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We help you extend your wireless network when it is no longer robust enough to cover your physical area.

20061102_networkYour business is humming and everyone is feeling productive thanks to your office’s wireless network. But maybe you are feeling some growing pains. Perhaps some parts of the office have a weak wireless signal. Or there are so many users on the wireless network that people are complaining of sluggish speeds or not being able to connect at all. It’s time to grow that network.

It’s easy to expand a wired network. Your network setup probably resembles something like this: a router connected to the modem provided by your ISP, such as a cable modem, DSL modem, or even a high-speed FiOS line. Once you run out of ports on the router, you can just connect a network switch to one of those ports, and then start connecting your devices through the new switch. Now you cover more devices, and if the Ethernet cable is long enough, more distance, as well.

Enlarging a wireless network is not as simple, because wireless ranges vary on a number of factors, such as walls, electronic interference from other devices, and the strength of the wireless antenna on your router. In this Working Without Wires, we show you that if you know how to set up a wireless network, you can easily extend it, too. We go over mesh networks and wireless extenders so that you can decide which option works for you.