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Bonded ADSL (or ADSL Bonding)

speedWith continued growth in Internet traffic, not all businesses can access fibre broadband services to improve throughputs, and dedicated leased lines or MPLS connections can be very expensive. BondedADSL (also known as ADSL bonding) can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that have outgrown the capabilities of a single ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband connection. For organisations dependent upon Internet connectivity, AITS offers much-valued resilience and offers distinct advantages over load balancing.

How does bonded ADSL work?

True bonded ADSL is where multiple ADSL lines are effectively combined into a single aggregated connection to deliver greater download and upload speeds. ADSL bonding involves the aggregation of two or more ADSL or ADSL2+ connections, as shown in the figure below.


Benefits of bonded ADSL

The benefits of a bonded ADSL solution are:

  • substantially increased downlink and upstream throughputs (enhanced further through compression, if this is offered)
  • resilience
  • avoidance of dramatic performance degradation from ‘flooded’ connections
  • improved quality of service (if this is offered).

As shown in the table below, different applications require different amounts of bandwidth and have different sensitivities to delay (latency) and jitter. The relative use and importance for each application will inevitable differ from organisation to organisation. For example, one particular organisation may have widely adopted VoIP and/or video conferencing, while another organisation may perform regular uploading or downloading of large (e.g. video) files.


A real time result added below which I am using it for my own organization.

Bonding with 2WAN

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